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The world has changed forever post-pandemic. Remote working has become socially acceptable & in several cases desirable enabling employers to secure talent from far & wide. Sometimes though the right people need to meet, collaborate & develop products or strategies, what happens when this is not possible due to location or travel restrictions? Is it acceptable to fly staff around the world to pitch & liaise with major clients?


Remote working in virtual reality (VR) provides a number of benefits over traditional remote working methods including:

  • Increased immersion: VR allows for a more immersive remote working experience, which can help to reduce feelings of isolation & increase engagement

  • Improved communication: VR allows for real-time communication & collaboration in a virtual environment, making it easier to hold meetings & share ideas with others

  • Reduced travel costs: VR eliminates the need for travel, which can save money & reduce carbon footprint

  • Increased flexibility: VR allows for remote workers to work from anywhere & at any time, providing more flexibility to manage work-life balance

  • Access to virtual spaces: VR allows for remote workers to access & work in virtual spaces collaborating with people from anywhere in the world

  • Enhanced productivity: VR has the potential to increase productivity, due to the immersive nature of the technology & the ability to focus on tasks more easily

During the 2020 lockdowns VINTec undertook very detailed testing of the solutions available 'off-the-shelf' to enable working in VR (amongst others). All do some things quite well... few do many things well & fewer are feasible to properly integrate & use within a professional organisation. We set to work to develop our own bespoke solutions

Beginning with consultancy to gain detailed understanding of your organisation, by identifying pinch points that currently restrict growth we will work with you either to maximize use of available solutions customised where appropriate or develop your own user systems to enable remote workers design, strategy & sales pitching tools

We have worked with major brands including Renault, Nissan, Engie & Teledyne E2V to produce powerful VR simulations used for training, visualisation & collaborative meetings

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