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Technology, the Future, our Children...

Often I find myself pondering the future that my children and recent grandson, will inhabit. In this rapidly changing world, where technological advancements are being made every day, it is impossible to predict exactly what the future holds. However, one thing is certain – the future is going to be very different from the world we grew up in, the one we live in today. Human advancement no doubt will bring new and exciting opportunities, but also some challenging ethical dilemmas.

AI and immersive content already are playing a staple role in our lives and the future will only see this trend continue. AI will automate many jobs that we currently rely on humans for, freeing up time for people to do 'other things'. Will this open the way for 'more' human creativity, more experimentation, ambition, creativity... or will AI dictate a new era of complete reliance on tech?

This will also open up new jobs in the development and maintenance of AI systems. For example, people will be needed to build algorithms, create and maintain databases, and manage AI systems, until that is AI builds AI... Digital services will also create new jobs in the areas of data analysis and management, as well as the development of new platforms and applications.

The metaverse, a decentralised, virtual world created by the convergence of physical and digital realities, will have profound impact on the way we live our lives and interact with each other. It will provide new opportunities to create and experience. The metaverse will create new jobs in areas such as game design, virtual event production and digital content creation. This new world will also provide opportunities for education, entertainment, and communication.

In truth, the jobs our youngest children and grandchildren might undertake probably do not even exist yet! CV's and the ridiculous lunacy of the 'traditional recruitment' system are already being laughably cast aside, rightfully so with the growth of blockchain utilities logging the digital skills our children adopt.

There will of course be new ethical dilemmas that we must consider. For example if AI algorithms are not carefully designed and monitored, they may make biased decisions and reinforce existing inequalities leading to job displacement for some and a widening of the income gap. Moreover, we must responsibly consider how we manage the data linked to peoples physical and digital selves linked to their privacy and security in the virtual world.

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The future that our children will inhabit is both exciting and challenging. While new jobs in AI, digital services, and the metaverse will provide new opportunities, we must also be aware of the ethical dilemmas that these new technologies will bring. Speaking as both a tech founder and father, I urge today's leaders, CEO's, entrepreneurs, politicians and law-makers to take seriously our responsibility to ensure that these technologies are developed in a way that promotes equality, protects privacy, and secures personal data. We must educate our children about the new challenges and opportunities that they will face and encourage them to use their skills, knowledge and trained judgement to make the world a better place for everyone.


Vincent McAtamney | Founder

VINTec create immersive content, experiences and consultancy

Vincent has around 30 years experience in the high impact AV / Immersive Tech industry

and is a husband, father and grandfather (a young hip one of course!)

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